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The pharmaceutical space is rapidly changing in response to an evolving healthcare climate. An increasing rate of scientific discovery and technological innovation coupled with the rise of individualized care, creates a competitive market environment and a high demand for rapid implementation of innovation. While this is promising, this also creates new challenges.

Increased competition, elevated pricing pressure and constantly evolving consumer expectations, are just some of the challenges forcing pharmaceutical companies to constantly adapt and change strategies. When it comes to the profitable aspects of the pharmaceutical pipeline, production efficiency, constant re-evolution and strategic planning is now a requirement for survival. At Craft Science Inc. (CSI) we help pharmaceutical companies develop innovative, yet practical research and development strategies and provide the market research to support those decisions. We provide strategic planning, efficiency consulting, and communications strategies to ensure the success and growth of your brand.

Writing and editing

Writing for the pharmaceutical industry is a highly sensitive and precise science, at CSI we understand the importance of accuracy in industry-related copy. We write high-quality, clear, technical content that is suitable for all audiences.

Technical communications written for and about pharmaceuticals with a focus on products and services are very sensitive and can come under scrutiny if not represented correctly. At CSI we understand the importance accurate reporting and good technical writing. Our expert writers and editors can help you achieve the professional image and consistency you need to advance your brand and help propel your company to become an industry leader. We produce exceptional content custom tailored to achieve maximum impact without sacrificing clarity. Your customers and clients will value the consistency and the professional look in your company documents and communications and will place further trust with the information provided to them. A sophisticated look can give your company the edge needed to bring in more clients, increase value for stakeholders, and attract potential investors.

Our experienced scientific writers and editors provide clients with effective communications across a multitude of therapeutic areas. In addition, we provide full-service scientific content development for conference presentations, journal publications, meetings, slide decks for training and fundraising, and more.

Some of our expertise:

Scientific reviews
Case reports
Short communications
Communications and presentations
Slide decks
Product information materials
Web page copy writing