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Advances in life sciences and technology are revolutionizing healthcare and dramatically reshaping scientific research and commercialization. Staying static in this fast-paced environment is not a viable option, and therefore increasing research and production efficiency by implementing innovative lab solutions is required for sustainability.

The many challenges faced by biotech companies today are complex and require a constantly evolving thought process and strategic planning. At Craft Science consulting, we work across a broad spectrum of biotechnologies to improve efficiency and process, perform market research to capitalize on new product launches and prioritize investment opportunities. Our experts work closely with your executives to develop concrete strategies aimed at succeeding in the new era of biotech.

We can help you optimize you operation: We work closely with our clients to optimize processes, operations and organizational structures across the life sciences value chain. We work to increase productivity improve top-and bottom-line growth.

We can help you launch products and services: We work with you to develop commercial launch strategies in mature and emerging markets.

We can help you prioritize investment opportunities: We work with you to determine the most valuable opportunities for your business to pursue. We do the legwork and help you triage the most lucrative avenues that will add most value to your existing pipeline.

Writing and editing

Writing for the biotech industry often requires a deep understanding of complex concepts in life sciences and technology. It takes a special type of rhetoric to bridge the gap between the technical complexities of specialized products and consumer needs. Craft Science Inc. writers are all PhD scientists, so we understand the complexities and technical aspects of industry-related copywriting.

We write high-quality, clear, technical content that is suitable for all audiences.

Technical as well as knowledge translation communications for and about biotech can be complex in nature, at CSI we understand the intricacies of industry and have the science background needed to write accurate and effective content. Our expert writers can help you achieve the sophisticated and cutting edge image you are looking for. We can help you penetrate the market, increase awareness and make your products shine by highlighting their innovation in a meaningful way. The professional writers of CSI can help advance your brand and propel your company to become an industry leader. A professional look can provide your company with the cutting edge needed to bring in more clients, increase value for stakeholders, and attract potential investors. We produce high quality, custom content, tailored to achieve maximum impact without sacrificing clarity.

Our seasoned scientific writers and editors provide clients with effective biotech communications across the spectrum of life sciences. In addition, our full-service team can support each project in the development of scientific content for conference presentations, journal publications, meetings, slide decks for training and fundraising, and more. We offer writing, copy and substantive editing services for the biotechnology space.

Some of our expertise:

Scientific reviews
Case reports
short communications
communications and presentations
Slide decks
Product information materials
Web page copy writing