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Consulting Services

Craft Science offers an array of consulting services to companies and institutions across the globe. We can help improve your process, increase productivity, reduce spending and provide communications strategies to propel your brand forward. CSI can help your organization pave the way to the future by providing and implementing creative scientific and lab solutions.

Experimental Design

Designing the right experiment to achieve your desired goal will help your organization save money and time. Our expert scientists can help you troubleshoot and provide the framework to define a research strategy that focuses on eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework.

Put our expertise to work for you and let the results speak for themselves.

Efficiency Consulting

The efficiency experts at Craft Science can help improve your process, rethink your strategies and implement practical actions to save you time while improving your bottom line. We design the most effective strategy for your business by first analyzing your process, cutting costs and recommending steps for improvement. Let us create value that will enhance your success improve your margins.

Staff Augmentation

For many small companies and startups keeping specialized personnel on payroll is unsustainable. However, lacking these expertise can hinder progress. We have come up with a unique solution to address this issue with our specialized personnel augmentation strategies. We offer an on demand specialist hiring service to our clients, so you can have the expertise you need when you need it the most.

Communication Strategies

Effective communications are vital to achieving the goals and objectives of your organization. A communications strategy is designed to lay out the blueprints for how information will be exchanged. From strategizing the right information dissemination solutions for your company to implementation of verbal and written communications Craft Science can help you achieve and exceed your communication goals.

Market Research

The importance of market research is increasing in today’s competitive business climate. The goal behind undertaking market research is to enable your organization to have a clear idea about consumer needs.  The assimilation of information about a target audience is essential prior to the launch of any product or program. A proper analysis of the needs of the market, the market size, and the prevailing competition will help your company come out on top.