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Don’t let grammatical errors or convoluted flow blemish your work and overshadow your findings.
Craft science Inc. provides both native and non-native English speaking authors with a polished edge.

Having written, edited, and reviewed countless manuscripts and grants our editors understand the scientific review process,
and will help make your work shine. CSI will not only refine your language and grammar, but also improve your delivery, flow and clarity. We know how hard you have worked on the science, and we want it to come across as you have intended. We specialize in editing manuscripts, grant proposals, marketing and educational materials across all biomedical science industries.

Copy editing and proofreading

Every written piece can benefit from a review by another pair of eyes. At Craft Science we do a lot more than that, we ensure that your document is clear, correct, complete, consistent and credible.

Our copy-editing team converts your raw draft into a ready for publication manuscript, grant proposal, book, article or web content. Our editors aim to ensure that any document you disseminate is accurate, easy to follow, fit for its purpose and free of error, inconsistency and repetition.

Our copy editing process looks at the fine details:
Language and Grammar
We thoroughly review your document for any incorrect spelling and meaning. We correct grammatical errors, including sentence structure, tense, and punctuation.
Style and Consistency
We ensure that your piece sounds correct and is written in a style that is comprehensible and suitable for your target audience. We also check for consistency with spelling, abbreviations, and formatting.
Technical Accuracy
We review the accuracy of technical terms and descriptions.
We format your content to the requirements of the journal or agency of destination.

Substantive editing

Substantive editing encompasses all aspects of copy editing and includes advanced editing of flow, structure, and logic. Detailed comments on content and suggestions for modifications are also included with this option.

Our Substantive editing process looks at the bigger picture
Content and structure
We look for any omissions, redundancies or inconsistencies in the content. We make sure appropriate headings are chosen. We help you decide which information should be included in the main text and which in the supporting materials.
Information blocks
The length of each paragraph or section, the number of headings and subheadings highly depends on the readership, the material and the means of access. We will check to make sure your structure is optimal.
Figures and tables 
We make sure that your figures support the text, with self-explanatory labels and captions that match. We double check that your text comments on the data in graphs or tables, and doesn't just repeat it.
We ensure that your language is at the right level for the intended audience, and that all terms and abbreviations are explained. We format your tone, style and vocabulary appropriately and ensure your content sounds authoritative.
Our editors keep a list of decisions on abbreviations, alternative spellings, hyphenation, italics, capitals, units of measurement, and much else. We ensure your text does not contradict itself, nor any illustrations, tables, graphs and captions. Internal links and cross-references will be checked as well.
Accuracy and anomalies 
Writers are responsible for what they write, but we often spot errors of fact, misspelt names, misused words, numbers that don’t add up and incomplete references. Our editors will query anything that does not seem to make sense.
We make sure that your piece is just right, not too long or too short. Our editors can suggest materials to be added as well as ways to make your writing more succinct.