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Developing a clear, memorable message is critical to effective communication. At Craft Science we offer full-service scientific writing of the highest quality.

Our writers compose professional content with sharp attention to detail ensuring the accuracy required for highly technical scientific content. We also compose excitingand creative marketing and web content that will engage your clientele and translate complex information into digestible material, suitable for a wide range of audience.

Our expert writers will help you leverage your time by crafting content that exceeds your expectations.

Our expertise:

Press Releases
Grant proposals
White papers
Marketing materials
Educational materials
Conference and presentation materials

Press Releases

Get people talking about your company with a professional press release! We write Press Releases that will elevate your brand, and create a buzz.

Spread the word about new discoveries, new products, cutting edge science and innovation with a press release written by professional PhD scientific writers. We can help you generate a buzz as well as engage influencers and key opinion leaders in your field. We believe that a winning press release must be short, simple, and to the point, yet captivating and informative at the same time. Good PR starts with intriguing naturally flowing content, which incorporates strategic keywords to be recognized by search engines. We can turn your scientific findings into news worthy discoveries by writing relevant copy that will generate public interest and help elevate your brand.

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Manuscripts are essential to disseminate relevant information and research findings. Moreover, publication of medical and scientific results in well reputed peer reviewed journals is often used as a measure of research progress and productivity.

At Craft Science we understand the importance of accurate data reporting and the significance of a well-structured, well-written research paper. Let us turn your raw data into a high impact manuscript that will set you up for success. We work with all journal formats and can step in to help ensure your manuscript language, style, format, and structure are flawless. We also offer image and text formatting, private peer review, preparation of cover letter, and response to reviewers comments. All of our graphic design is done by professional designers that will turn your rough sketches into high resolution, publication-ready images.

Grant proposals

Securing funding for research and development is the cornerstone of every scientific institution. Indeed, some believe that principal investigators should spend half of their time writing grant proposals.

However, with frequent travel and the overwhelming number of obligations scientists face these days, it is not always feasible. Moreover, grant writing differs from academic writing and even the best of scholars can struggle with writing a winning proposal. Success in grant writing is a matter of style and format as much as content.

At Craft Science we understand the intricacies of funding agencies and know what it takes to write a winning proposal. We can help you meet deadlines and increase your capacity for applying to multiple opportunities.

Our dedicated team will help you develop your concept and write a proposal, even with limited information and preliminary data. We can review your ideas and recommend experiments that will increase your chance for success.

Writing a large multi-institutional grant? Our team can help coordinate multi-investigator applications, making sure they are cohesive and on time.

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White papers

Crafting an informative and meaningful white paper that is rooted in fact and is naturally persuasive is a delicate science. White papers differ from other marketing materials as they are intended to provide persuasive and factual evidence that a particular offering is superior, without a flashy sales pitch.

A good white paper can help you form business to business partnerships and provide product information that is authoritative and convincing without being overly salesy. Whitepapers are the academic papers of marketing content.

Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully documented by references. Who better to write a white paper than a well-seasoned PhD writer?

We specialize in all three main types of white papers:

  • backgrounders, which explain the technical features of a particular offering
  • numbered lists, which highlight tips or points regarding an offering
  • and problem/solution white papers, which introduce an improved solution to a common business or technical challenge.


Copy writing encompasses the production of any marketing materials aimed at increasing brand awareness and persuading individuals to take action. In the current digital age, good copywriting is critical for online marketing success as it is the glue that holds a marketing plan together and gives your company a voice.

At Craft Science we understand the importance of well-written, naturally-flowing, and captivating copy and recognize that it enables your business to convert more readers into consumers. Our team of creative writers will ensure your copy is attention-grabbing, persuasive and SEO optimized.

We can help you create brochures, catalogs, web page content, print and web ads, sales and direct mail letters, and any other marketing communications materials you may need.

Educational materials

Producing educational materials for students, physicians and service providers is an important aspect of science. But, generating content that is highly technical, yet logical and approachable at the same time is no trivial task.

At Craft Science we take educational materials seriously, we understand the importance of teaching in enriching future generations as well as empowering service providers. We take pride in translating complex concepts into easy to grasp content that resonates with readers. We can help you generate course work presentations, book chapters, and product educational materials for physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

Conference and presentation materials

Presenting your data, product, or company in a professional and inviting way is critical for promoting and developing your brand. Professional presentation materials prepared by expert writers and skilled designers are therefore vital for success.

Our well-seasoned team of writers and designers will ensure your presentation materials are of the highest caliber and quality. Polished presentations and slide decks can help propel your brand forward, improve your marketability and generate investor interest. Our team can help you prepare conference presentations and materials, as well as slide decks and informational packages.